Our first meeting in the Assembly Chamber inside City Hall.

~The Phandom Minecraft Server

For WES.

~ The Phandom Minecraft Server now online!

Phancraft Server status: ONLINE AND FASTER!

I upgraded the parts of the old server, and now it’s faster in terms of hardware. That’s the only issue with the server. Network tests are fine, ports open, and accessible by any computer. It’s just the hardware that gives us laggy games.

So the Phandom Minecraft Server is once again online! We’re still on trial run, so here are the some info:

1. Server is currently in Creative mode.
2. Always identify yourself when logging on to the server. Identify using your phandom name (e.g. Phantom X, ectolime, etc.) or your Phandom Chat name (e.g. violetlink7, etc.)
3. Make sure to be respectful to fellow Phans. If they claimed a space, find your own.
4. The server’s address changes indefinitely. Always check out the Phandom Chat for the newest server address provided.

Now here are proposed plans for our server:

Our map will consist of a Phandom Center, defined by its center of 0,0,0 and spanning 200 x 200 block area. Players will build their homes 250 blocks away from the Phandom Center. These homes will be connected to a Central station using rail lines. Three line groups will be designated, each with its own direction in relation to Central station. 

The draft design will be uploaded soon, As the game mode is creative, you are allowed to build anything, which can be something about Danny Phantom, or the Phandom in general (such as AUs, etc.)

Once again, Happy Phancrafting!

Phancraft Server status: Offline, ongoing improvements

So I’ve experienced it too, it was laggy. I’m making improvements to the server. For the meantime, I need to hear any comments and suggestions. To those people who are part of this first trial, feedbacks please!

Happy PhanCrafting!


If you wish to connect, please head over to our Phandom Chat and we can give you the server’s address. :)

Please note that this is a trial run, so our gamemode is creative, and the server’s IP address changes indefinitely. Have fun and happy Phan-crafting!

I’m doing a trial run for a Phandom Minecraft server.

On the Phandom Chat, we’ve talked about Minecraft at one time, and we thought it would be cool if there was a Phandom Minecraft server where Phans with Minecraft can play. Well, that idea might just come true!

I’m currently in the process of twisting cables, installing software, and planning the layout for a Phandom server. Anyone wishing to participate, reblog and add your suggestions and comments. Inquiries can be made on my ask box.


As I leave Melbourne, I’m taking with me lots of memories, goodies from Supanova convention, and the pride of cosplaying as Danny Phantom!

Adios, Melbourne! Always go ghost! :)

Just want to share… the timetable I made for Melbnova.

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So I was Danny Phantom the entire Supanova weekend. To the people who recognized me, thank you very much. Only a handful of people cosplay as this character, and I am so proud to be one.

So here are some of the pics I took. More will be coming soon. If you have a photo of me, please tag my tumblr username #itsthephantomx, and #danny phantom.

I will miss you all, amazing cosplayers of Melbourne! And when I get home to Sydney, I will welcome you to our Supanova in June! Excelsior!

Ninja Danny Phantom from Infinite Realms!
Supanova Melbourne 2014