Phantom X, why are you sad?

"Because I can only attend one day of the Sydney Manga and Anime Show, and I cannot decide who to cosplay. Danny Phantom, or Keith Shadis from Attack on Titan."

Don’t worry, you’ll figure out a plan!

Actually… I did! Danny Phantom will be my backup cosplay for SMASH, while I will become Keith Shadis and I will terrorize SnK cosplayers! Bwahahahahaha! *nah, just kidding. We’ll re-enact the abridged episode!*

Both people are terrifying, anyway (Danny is a ghost, and Keith is a former leader of the Survey corps and became tougher)

So see you all at SMASH 2014, both as Danny Phantom and the terrifying SnK instructor Keith Shadis!

Hey guys! Phantom X is back for more ghostly antics! Told ya no one can stop me! ^_^


My cosplay page is 11 likes away from 400 and I am super emotional about it right now. Have a photo of me as Danny Phantom at Avcon last weekend!
Cosplay page
Photo taken by my lovely best friend and fellow cosplayer Mel

I am proud to announce that I have started a wave of Danny Phantom cosplays in Australia!

I have met and seen lots of cosplayers here in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Adelaide choosing Danny Phantom ^_^ And I hope to see more in the coming years!

Second wave of signal boost for the Phandom Chat!


Wow, for the first time in months, we got a new set of people, and we went back to 10+ people in the chat! That’s good! Also, we would like to ask the original people of the chat to come back or stop by sometime!

But be warned, trolls. Agents are waiting for you in the Phandom Chat.

Yes, you do like to cosplay as Danny Phantom. But the question is: Are you a Phan?

I just felt like ranting on the early hours of Sydney. I don’t wanna be philosophical.

Throw me an ask and I’ll answer it with cosplay! ^_^
Phantom X has returned!

I have my cosplay back, up and running! Told ya no one can stop me.


Today was so much fun! So excited for tomorrow!!

I might have ended cosplay, but I will never ever give up on the Phandom!

I’ll get back to cosplay sometime, but no one will ever take me away from the Phandom! (And I hid my costume in the depths of my room. I shall make a comeback on SMASH!)